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About Your Acupuncturist

Mr. Lardner began formal study of Chinese medicine in the 1990s in Bethesda MD, although his experience in Asian healing and self-cultivation began decades before that as a teenage student of Chinese Gung-fu, Yoga and meditation, followed by a concentration in Asian Studies at college. 


After becoming nationally board-certified, a post-graduate course of study was undertaken at Tai Hsuan Foundation in Hawaii, where he studied Chinese Herbal Medicine and other Taoist mind-body healing disciplines. This was followed by the opening of his first clinical practice outside of Philadelphia. 


In 2002, with a thirst to gain even deeper knowledge and experience in the field, he traveled extensively throughout China seeking the revered laozhongyi or “old doctors” some of whom he found were still treating over 100 patients each day.

During his 9 years in China, in addition to various hospital internships in Xiamen, Nanjing, and Beijing, Harry also served as the Editor-in-Chief of International Publications at the oldest medical publishing house in China.


Working closely with medical translators and renowned scholars to produce dozens of English books on Chinese medicine, Harry managed and edited a number of Chinese medical texts never before seen in the West, including Essentials from the Golden Cabinet, an ancient medical classic which he translated with his wife Zheng Qi.


Most significantly, the end of his time in China, Harry began study with Dr. Wang Ju-yi at the Institute of Applied Channel Theory Research Center in Beijing, China. Dr. Wang has practiced acupuncture since the early 1960s and is by some considered to be the best acupuncturist alive today. Although Dr. Wang’s extensive knowledge of Classical Acupuncture would take decades to absorb,  Dr. Wang advised him to return to the USA to put his methods into practice here.


After 9 years of living in the overcrowded urban landscapes of modern China, Harry and his wife are delighted to be serving the local community here in North Carolina.

Harry F. Lardner, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist



My husband and I both started acupuncture treatment with a great degree of skepticism but it was our last resort to find a cure for my husband’s anxiety problem. It was seriously affecting his quality of life. To our amazement after visiting Harry for a number of weeks he seems completely cured of his anxiety. I still can’t believe this miracle and I am now a true believer. The 100% success for his disabling anxiety problem speaks volumes for the power of acupuncture and Harry’s complete competency in his field. Thank you Harry.

Thank you so much for all your help. I am very happy to report M. is growing very healthy and rapidly. She is almost 6 weeks old now. Thankfully, your herbs and acupuncture got me pregnant. Thank you again. When I am ready to try for the baby #2, I will call you again!

Alisha G., Hillsborough NC


A.C., Chapel Hill NC


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